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How to maintain carpet after Professional Carpet Cleaning

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Professional Carpet Cleaning knows that carpet cleaning services is a significant investment for you and your family. That’s why when we leave your rugs, we will never stop trying our best to provide you with better rugs for as long as possible.

When carpet is professionally cleaned by the experts at Austech Carpet Cleaning Brisbane, it leaves a lot of residue behind: dirt, grease and other unwanted materials. To protect these rugs from future growth of bacteria or mold, it is extremely important to treat the carpet after a professional cleaning.

Here are 5 effective ways to maintain carpet after Professional Carpet Cleaning : 

1 . Wait Before a walk on

Carpet is porous and doesn’t dry quickly. In fact, carpet takes about 24 hours to dry completely. For this reason, Austech carpet cleaning experts recommend waiting two full days before letting water get on the carpet or walking on it in shoes.

These two days are essential for drying the carpet and protecting it from mold growth. Basically a sponge left behind by professional carpet cleaners in Brisbane, your carpet needs time to return to its normal shape without excess moisture from walking or pets sitting on it. Protect your investment.

2 . Vacuum your carpet regularly

Depending on the type of carpet, it can dry faster or slower. Because carpet is a porous material, Brisbane carpet cleaning experts recommend vacuuming the carpet every 3 days to ensure longevity and protection from bacterial growth.

Clumps of dirt form when fine dirt particles are bound by moisture in the carpet and then pushed out by the vacuum cleaner. This allows dirt to settle into the carpet instead of being sucked up.

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3 .Cleans stains and spills instantly

Even if it looks clean, carpet is still susceptible to dirt and spills. After a while, the carpet absorbs the liquid before it penetrates the carpet fibers and carpet backing and causes discoloration or stains. Wipe spills from carpet immediately with a dry cloth before wiping completely with a damp cloth.

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4 . Take off your shoes, but don’t go barefoot

When the experts at Austech Carpet Cleaning are done with your carpet, it’s best to remove your shoes before stepping on them. Also, avoid walking barefoot on the carpet or you’ll be stepping on the residue left by Austech carpet cleaning professionals.

5 . Wear gloves when cleaning carpets

By wearing gloves after a Brisbane carpet cleaning expert has left your carpet, you protect yourself from the unhealthy residue left by a Melbourne carpet cleaning expert. These carpet cleaning chemicals can, in some cases, cause red, itchy skin and allergic reactions.

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Austech Carpet Cleaning Brisbane understands that it is very important for customers to know how to care for their carpets after a professional carpet cleaning has been performed on their home or commercial property. While we do what we can during service, Carpet Cleaning Brisbane also asks our customers to do their part to care for the carpet over the long term to ensure the best results!

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