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How to Clean Area Rugs at Home in 7 Steps

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Knowing How To Clean Area Rugs is essential to its longevity. Your rug may be in a bedroom where there is not much footfall, but sometimes it can fall victim to a coffee spill in the morning. Or maybe in the kitchen, where it has to deal with all kinds of stains and spills – or out in the garden, in which case it might have to deal with the BBQ Stains.

Either way, cleaning area rugs can be done effectively at home without the need to hire a professional. The best way to succeed is to stick to the manufacturer’s recommendations – which you may find on the back of your rug.

The original rug would be too large for one person to handle successfully. Calm your muscles by having two people help you with this task. It only takes a few hours if everything is prepared properly.

Here we will guide you in 7 Simple steps on How To Clean Area Rugs.

1.  Set up for an Outdoor Wash

Pick a day when the weather forecast is clear and sunny and set up an outdoor area to clean your rugs.

The support system you choose should be stronger than a clothesline as the rug is usually quite heavy.

If you have two trees, you can stretch a bungee cord or thick rope between them.

Benches and all kinds of solid walls can also be used.

Outdoor rug

Pro tip: Summer is a great time to clean rugs because you have to do it outdoors.

2.  Vacuum Properly on both sides

Vacuum the fibers, then turn the rug over and wipe the other side to remove any remaining dust.

When it’s clean, it’s time to gently unroll it and take the rug outside to your cleaning area.

Place it on the surface with the right side facing you.

If your rug is still dusty at this point, you can tap it with a broom or similar tool to remove more dust.

Pro tip: Don’t hit too hard, instead give the rug a few hard pats to see if the dust escapes. If so, keep hitting.

3.  Test your rug Shampoo

Always test rug shampoo before applying it all over the rug.

Apply a small amount to a corner or small place, mix it with a little water and leave it for a few hours.

Go back and rinse this area.

Check carefully for any fiber or color damage.

Clean rugs shampoo

Pro tip: If you are too concern about how to clean area rugs, It’s a good idea to pay attention to the rug shampoo designed for the material your rug is made of. Don’t try to make your own DIY area rug cleaner or use other cleaners that aren’t specifically designed for carpets and rugs

4.  Apply Shampoo after washing the rug properly

Run the garden hose with a safe shampoo of your choice and rinse your rug thoroughly.

Scrub the shampoo deep into the carpet fibers with a sturdy brush with a sturdy handle.

Rug shampoo

Expert Tips: This step requires a lot of scrubbing and lathering, so Don’t worry about getting yourself too wet. Dress properly, get the rug really wet, and focus on the stain.

5. Rinse the Rug

Read the instructions and leave the shampoo on your rug for tas long as .

When the time comes, spray it rug again.

How to Clean Area Rugs

Expert Tips: It is important to rinse out all shampoo so that no residue remains.

6.  Help the Rug to dry

Try to squeeze the carpet as hard as you can to remove excess water.

After this, your area rug will remain very wet and you will have to wait until it is completely dry before bringing it back into your house.

For more protected drying, consider taking the rug to the laundry room or garage.

When the area rug is completely dry, you won’t be able to feel the water even if you squeeze it hard and it will likely be a little stiff.

Pro tip: Drying may take more than a day or even a weekend

7. Vacuum thoroughly one last time

Carpet fibers may flatten and look odd after washing. Vacuuming in general is like brushing a carpet to return it to its proper appearance.

How to clean area rugs

Expert Tips : Put the area Rugs back in place and vacuum one last time

Apart from regularly vacuuming your rug, we recommend that you leave your rug deep cleaning to a professional carpet cleaning company like Austech Carpet. This way you can avoid problems like the ones above and keep your rug looking new and beautiful. If you have query on How To Clean Area Rugs by Professionals, contact us today and let Austech Carpet Cleaning  breathe new life into your rug.

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